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The OSCar (Open Standards for CARds) Consortium is one of the first initiatives for standardisation and interoperability within the SEPA initiative (Single Euro Payment Area).

The OSCar Consortium is composed of major stakeholders in the fields of electronic banking activities, aiming at both defining a common level of technical specification for the development of payment terminals and acquirer hosts and building a certification infrastructure to have a common level recognized by different card payment schemes (e.g. Cartes Bancaires, Girocard or MasterCard ...).

OSCar is, in this regard, a major integration project for existing SEPA specifications: SEPA-FAST for acceptance, EPAS for acquiring and of course EMV. As such, the OSCar project will also be the stage for the first 100% SEPA functional certifications.

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OSCar Consortium brochure ("Crossing Borders"): for further information on OSCar initiative, a brochure is available for download in this article.

PayCert is an independent certification body, issuing certificates assessing the (technical/security) conformity of European payment products used by European payment schemes, assessing the Laboratories able to evaluate such products and validate test tools.

PayCert is not a Test Laboratory. It assesses each electronic payment product’s compliance with relevant European specifications, based on accredited Laboratories tests reports.

Certification process within the SEPA

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