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PayCert habilitate Test Laboratories to perform CB-EMV evaluation tests and disseminates test requirements and guidelines to the habilited Test Laboratories.

Please find hereunder the Test Laboratories habilited by PayCert for their technical skills:

Date Habilitation # Laboratory Name Location Habilitation Scope Image
04/05/2009 2008-001 ELITT Colombelles (14), FRANCE CB-EMV: Terminals, cards, acquirer hosts. NexoIS : POI and Acquirer Hosts, AFAS, Quality and Security audits, STCA, STA c’less ticketing products (PICC) - Bancontact-EMV: Cards - CB Cards personalisation profiles control.
06/07/2016 2016-001 KEOLABS Montbonnot (38), FRANCE STA c’less ticketing products (PICC/PCD)
10/02/2017 2017-001 SCASSI Labège (31),FRANCE Labélisation Audits.
08/06/2017 2017-002 FIME Antony (92), France CB Cards personalisation profiles control.
27/07/2017 2017-016 (Provisoire) SERMA Pessac (33), France Evaluation CB MEPS v2 pour modules de sécurité hardware et firmware
25/01/2018 2017-004 FIME Caen (14), France STA ticketing c’less solutions (PCD) - Bancontact-EMV: Cards - CB-EMV: Cards.
15/05/2012 2012-001 GALITT Boulogne-billancourt (92), FRANCE Quality & Security industrial sites audits. Labélisation Audits
Details on ...
the habilited Laboratories
Laboratory Name:
Habilitation Date:
Laboratory location:
Caen (14), France
Habilited test activities:
Contactless interface tests for public transportation products - PCD. Bancontact-EMV: Cards - CB-EMV: Cards
Laboratory description
FIME is a trusted implementation partner ensuring the compliance of mobile devices and chip-based applications to industry standards. Its international team works with manufacturers, banks and authorities across the financial services, telecom, transit and identity sectors and offers comprehensive consulting services, technical training, technology design, test tools and certification testing.
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