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Test Laboratories Habilitation

PayCert habilitate Test Laboratories to perform CB-EMV evaluation tests and disseminates test requirements and guidelines to the habilited Test Laboratories.

Please find hereunder the Test Laboratories habilited by PayCert for their technical skills:

Date Habilitation # Laboratory Name Location Habilitation Scope Image
10/02/2017 2017-001 SCASSI Labège (31),FRANCE Labélisation Audits.
08/06/2017 2017-002 FIME Antony (92), France CB Cards personalisation profiles control.
04/05/2009 2008-001 ELITT Colombelles (14), FRANCE CB-EMV: Terminals, cards, acquirer hosts. NexoIS : POI and Acquirer Hosts, AFAS, Quality and Security audits, STCA, STA c’less ticketing products (PICC) - Bancontact-EMV: Cards - CB Cards personalisation profiles control.
25/01/2018 2017-004 FIME Caen (14), France STA ticketing c’less solutions (PCD) - Bancontact-EMV: Cards - CB-EMV: Cards.
06/07/2016 2016-001 KEOLABS Montbonnot (38), FRANCE STA c’less ticketing products (PICC/PCD)
27/07/2017 2017-016 (Provisoire) SERMA Pessac (33), France Evaluation CB MEPS v2 pour modules de sécurité hardware et firmware
15/05/2012 2012-001 GALITT Boulogne-billancourt (92), FRANCE Quality & Security industrial sites audits. Labélisation Audits (Temporary)