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Acquirer Hosts

You will here find the Acquirer Hosts certified by PayCert.
Date Certificate # Type of Certificate Vendor Product Identifier Software Protocol Image
19/03/2015 PAY.ELI.EUI.HAP. 320.15030001 OSCar Integration Specification v3.2 Euro Information Open Card System v01.05.04.07 EPAS ACQ
28/06/2013 PAY.ELI.SER.HAP. 120.13060001 OSCar Integration Specification v1.2 SER2S EPAS/XX Gateway GWE 1.0.0 CentOS 6.0 EPAS HAP
28/05/2013 PAY.FIM.EUI.HAP. 120.13050001 OSCar Integration Specification v1.2 Euro Information Open Card System v 01.04.10 EPAS HAP